How to culturally appreciate and not culturally appropriate?

In many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, art sales are the main source of income. Making sure you always buy ethically and authentically is not just about protecting the buyer’s investment, it’s about respect for the world’s oldest living culture, ensuring the artists and those around them are paid fairly and securing a sustainable future for Australia’s Indigenous art industry.

We give you answers to questions you should ask when using Indigenous art
You should never be afraid to ask lots of questions about Indigenous culture and art and we believe that through this is the best way forward for reconciliation.

That is why when you engage with Darkies to source original Indigenous Art we will answer the below questions, actually we will go one better and we will provide all this information to you in our own “Darkies” Certificate of Currency

The questions we will answer are:

  • Who is the artist?
  • Where is the artist from?
  • How does the artist get paid?
  • What is the story behind the artwork?

Darkies has the highest ethical standards and a genuine sense of responsibility to Indigenous artists and their communities. We are supporters and members of the Indigenous Art Code.

If you would like us to source your original Indigenous artwork from our almanac of Indigenous Artists, please contact us here.