Picnic Baskets – Promotional & Corporate Gifts


Your company logo will never look better than it does on our  armies Designs Promotional picnic sets and it will never have as much fun. Choose to make sure that you get all of the best promotions for your money, no matter what you need. Our picnic products come in a variety of colours and styles which allow you to brand the right item to be sure it carries your company message in the way intended. Great for promotions, and employee appreciation gifts a custom picnic set is a promise of fun times ahead. A product like a promotional picnic backpack which crosses-over from the business to private world is a great way to draw values and emotional attention from each. A picnic set is something everyone might have no matter how infrequent its use may be. The fact that it’s there and could be used a moment’s notice is a great way to create hope and excitement in the heart of a client.