Our mission is simple; make it quick, easy and affordable to be an individual or organisation who can design their own Shirts, Hoodies etc.
Think state-of-the art printing equipment, quality products and staff that know the business back to front.
You’ve got ideas of your own. Good ones. And that is precisely where we come in. We offer a super user-friendly resource for designing and printing customised shirts online. Because the way we figure it, everyone should have access to the magical world of printing online without it costing a BOMB.
If you are uploading Indigenous Artwork please read our Using Your Own Indigenous Art FAQ or if you would like us to source artwork for your designs please click here
So lets get started
1. Pick your product
2. We have uploaded Vector images of Indigenous designs for you to use or upload your own
3. Watch our quick video to get you started
4. Design away, have fun, be creative
5. Save your design and press send
6. We will be in contact to finalise the order