NRL (National Rugby League)

If you’re in charge of suiting up the team in a Rugby league, you know just how hard it can be to find the perfect uniforms. We’ve created the ideal solution for you.

Instead of buying pre-designed rugby uniforms, why not try our Rugby uniform builder to create something that lets your team step onto the Rugby field in a true style.

Our Darkies Designs Rugby uniforms are boldly designed for the rigorous activity associated with the sport. Shirts come in two distinct styles and are made of 100% ActivTek 4WAY Polyester.

Customise these masterpieces with your own favourite colours, styles, logos, images, and letters. You’ll have a ball creating your custom Rugby league uniforms with our simple to use kit builder.

There are dozens of colours to choose from, so you can be confident that you’ll always be able to represent your league team to its fullest.

Our shirts are stretch and tear proof, too, so they make the perfect shirts for everyday wear as well.

Delivery is speedy and convenient to anywhere you need your Rugby league uniforms delivered to. Once you’ve tried out our custom Rugby league uniforms, you’ll never use another company to create another Rugby jersey or pair of shorts again.

We’re here to answer questions anytime you might have them, with our very own design specialist who can help you navigate through our kit builder so that every shirt you make is just to your liking.