Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Darkies Designs?

If you are looking around you might be thinking – your site is just the same as everyone else.but we promise we are not! We are experienced and expert in our field – established almost 10 years now in this industry. We are friendly and professional at all times. Most important of all we genuinely believe we are the fastest and most reliable supplier in the country. If we say you will have it on time you will. no matter what the cost to us to fix it if there is a problem. We truly believe we are the most reliable supplier in Australia, bar none. That is our promise to you.

We also understand your needs and your situation because of our own corporate marketing background/experience on your side of the fence, before establishing Darkies designs some 10 years ago now, so that means we don’t just supply the product, but we help you to find the right product for you.

How long has Darkies Designs been in the industry?

Darkies Designs was established almost 20 years ago now – so we have huge experience in helping to find and deliver effective, well targeted cost effective promotional products for your organisation!

Why should I trust you?

For almost 10 years now Darkies has been offering an unlimited range of branded promotional merchandise with our best price guarantee, friendly service and importantly delivery on-time guaranteed.

If it’s urgent there’s no one faster than Darkies Designs, and with our “can do” attitude we always deliver on our promises.

Our expert marketing staff and in-house graphics team are in tune with latest trends. Our logistical/skills and tried and tested production systems are second to none.

What guarantees do you provide?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we offer an unconditional best price guarantee – Darkies Designs will match and beat any legitimate price from another distributor for the same item supplied on an apples-for-apples basis, guaranteed. We also guarantee on time delivery … so what good is it to you a day late!?

Where are you based?

We service a huge client-base nationwide. We supply and decorate products in our factories in every state, so wherever you are based we promise we can help, no problem!

How quickly can Darkies Designs quote pricing for my project?

Local quotes are generally available from within 24 hours, while custom overseas briefs are generally quoted within two to three days. As you’ll quickly see, our prices are very competitive, always.

How do I choose the right products?

We understand the technical and logistical side of building successful promotional campaigns – so we can recommend the right products at the right price.

We take into consideration your industry, your company brand values, your budget and most important of all – your target audience.

For any broad product preference, you may have, generally there is a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, so if you wish to work to a given budget simply ask us and we are confident we will be able to find something suitable to your needs. For instance, in regard to pens, prices can vary from less than 50c to say $100 plus!

If you require specific product information, just browse at the huge range on our site or we will be delighted to supply electronic catalogues to you, covering an incredible array of products available to you. If you cannot find what you want, just ask, as our philosophy is always “Yes we can” no matter what you ask!

We have a lot of experience in finding the right idea for you… so that means if you’re not sure what you need, we promise we’ve got lots of good ideas to suggest to best suit your needs.

Do your prices include having our logo applied to the product?

Yes, in most cases our price includes having your logo applied to the product when you get a price online. Below the “Price Box” and within the “Pricing Information” tab you will see the words “Price Includes……”. This will explain if and how the product is decorated (how your logo is applied to the product).

Can my logo appear in more than one position on the product I have selected?
Branding in multiple positions depends on the product selected. Most of our products can be printed, engraved or embroidered in more than one position however you will need to check to confirm if it is possible on the product you have selected. Please be aware that prices normally include decoration in one position only, so you will normally be charged an additional amount for the extra position decoration.

My logo is usually printed in more than one color – does your price include multiple colour printing?

In most circumstances our default prices include having your logo applied in 1 colour only, other than products that are embroidered where decoration in more than 1 colour makes no difference. For all other decoration (i.e. printing etc) additional charges will always apply for decoration in more than 1 colour.

How do I view all your products?

You can browse and generate designs on any product products listed within our website. Looking for something unique or not on our website? Just contact us and we will find it for youJ

I can’t find a specific product on your site. Can you help me?

Although our site has an enormous range of products, it is impossible to show everything on it. However, we do in fact have access to literally an unlimited product range through our relationships with both local and overseas suppliers, so we are always able to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We never say no!

Will you send me samples?

Yes, samples are generally available pending an order, but must be returned in good condition within 30 days, otherwise charges will apply.

What is the turnaround time for orders?

Miracles are our specialty, so we accommodate urgent orders! We believe fervently in fact there is no one better than us at meeting a fast turnaround, in the country. Just tell us what you need. we rarely say no!

As a guide though, if they are not urgent, locally available items are generally produced in approximately 2 – 4 weeks. Custom made (offshore) items are produced in more like 6 – 8 weeks (via air freight) or 10-12 weeks (via sea freight).

What is Darkies Designs experience in and ability to work within a very tight timeframe?

We regularly do the impossible – miracles are our specialty! For example, we’ve delivered from China to Australia in under one week. If they are not urgent, depending on the quantity, you can expect the following approximate timeframes: existing items: 30 days via air and 60 days via sea; custom projects (including tooling): 90 days via sea. The point is, to us, time is one of the most important elements that have made Darkies Designs clients happy they’ve placed their brand in our trust, time and again.

How does Darkies Designs communicate with me so I know what’s happening with my project?

We always provide you with one of our experienced production managers, who is not just your main contact but who also understands your requirements, based on first-hand experience as both a client and a supplier. They work with you to set timelines, including a complete detailing of materials, decoration specifications, task dependencies, deadline dates, and ship dates. These milestones are developed and agreed at the start of each project and reviewed regularly with you. So, you’re always kept informed, and never feel out of the loop.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept EFT, credit card and PayPal.

Do your prices include delivery?

Our prices generally do not include delivery, as of course this all depends on where you are; what you want to order and how you want it delivered, or whether you want to pick it up etc.

How can I place an order?

Use the Shop menu above. Alternatively, if you simply fill out the Contact us form that is on each page for the products you have shortlisted, our friendly sales team will follow up your enquiry, as soon as possible, to help you finalise your order.

Do you ship your products worldwide?

Yes. All of our promotional products are available for shipment worldwide but prices are based on local delivery. Prices quoted are in Australian dollars, so please contact us if you need a quote in another currency.

What else can you tell me about shipping?

We always try to deliver your products to your desired destination in the most economical way possible, given your particular needs. We are happy to deliver orders via airfreight or same day FastTrack couriers.

Unless specified, all orders will be delivered by our freight providers and then billed with your order. If you prefer to use your own freight company that is fine too. If you choose to use your own freight company naturally you will be solely responsible for the safe arrival of your shipment.

Should you have special delivery needs, including the need to send product to multiple destinations, we will simply charge at cost any additional handling or logistics required.

Want something completely customised?

We also have extensive experience delivering completely unique 100% customised products from offshore. If you have time available (normally 8-12 weeks) and need a significant quantity then indent ordering could well be right for you.

Ordering of stock from offshore can result in greatly reduced costs, and also gives us the ability to deliver a product that has been totally custom made for your organisation, if you would prefer that.

Why should I use Darkies Designs for our offshore order?

We have long experience and close factory relationships across all product categories with offshore suppliers. What’s more, our network of stringently audited manufacturers and sophisticated global logistics capabilities ensure your product will be of consistently high quality and delivered on time at the right price, every time.

International customers should be aware though that due to factors beyond our control (such as customs clearance and national and international regulations regarding importing), delivery times for international shipments cannot be guaranteed. We will do everything in our power to get your order shipped on time but naturally we cannot accept responsibility for delays on shipments themselves.

Inspection and special factory auditing for human rights standards?

Just as important as the quality of manufacturing and strictly following timeframes that we demand from our suppliers is their adherence to internationally recognized labour and human rights standards. To that end, Darkies Designs uses independent China- based inspection services such as SGS. What’s more, third party inspection of factory labour and human rights standards can also be audited and full inspection reports furnished to you on request.

What are the benefits of promotional products over other forms of advertising?

Promotional products offer many advantages, not least the ability to target your preferred recipients with products particularly relevant to them.

Couple this with the fact that well-chosen promotional products have a much longer life span than most others forms of advertising. What’s more, given that promotional products are generally given as gifts, people are typically really pleased to receive them and so feel good about the supplier, unlike nearly all other forms of advertising!

Promotional products cut through the advertising clutter and build brand awareness, positive association and appreciation.

How do I choose which promotional product to use?

Given our own background in corporate marketing roles within major organisations before establishing Darkies Designs, Darkies Designs can and does provide expert advice to best achieve your overall marketing objectives. The right promotional product depends on a number of factors, including to name just a few:

  • your customers’ needs and interests
  • your organisation’s marketing and strategic goals
  • your budget
  • your brand positioning (e.g. green, fast, low cost, premium)
  • the desired reach (e.g. a higher volume of low cost mass items or a lower quantity of high cost, highly targeted products)
  • how and where you will be using and distributing the products, etc.